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Last week Mari hit the beach (with her gadgets)… and now it’s my turn. We’re going to spend a few days playing in Vegas, before I head off to California for work. So I snapped a pic of some devices I’ll be bringing along (in the best backpack ever):

First up are my Shure buds – great sound and passive noise cancellation. I never leave home without them. Next is a Nokia N73 since, as you may have heard, we’re beta testing SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS. Then I have a new-to-me (via ebay) Bluetooth GPS puck to replace my previous GPS unit. I’m going to experiment with Telenav ($10/mo) and Google Maps (free) before investing in Windows Mobile software. Above that is my work-provided Verizon EVDO card which will see use in my Macbook Pro. I’m giving my Blackjack a breather – my current day-to-day phone and Slinging device is the Treo 750. Last up is AblePlanet’s Clear Harmony noise canceling headset (review sample) which I hope to cover in the next few weeks. Of course I’ll also have my small Panasonic Lumix with me.

Don’t expect too much out of me while I’m gone — Like my recent trip to Copenhagen, I’m planning to limit my time on the grid until I hit CA. As soon as I figure out how to turn off push email.

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  1. I’m in the market for some decent, but not-too-expensive noise canceling headphones so I’ll look forward to that review Dave.

    Also, regarding the backpack – why do you love it? I’m using a Targus at the moment that has worked out well for me, but it is wearing out from a lot of use.


  2. I’m also in the market for some noise canceling headphones. I unfortunately don’t get the chance to travel quite as often as I used to, so I can’t justify forking out the cash for the Bose set. Would be nice to have a decent pair for our upcoming trip to Hawaii though!

    Although! If you put a $20 down on #17 on the roulette table for me while you’re in Vegas and it hits, I’d be willing to spring for the Bose for you too! Good luck, eh!

  3. In my computer bag (Swiss Army roller), which I take to every event I work:

    Macbook Pro, Canon SD1000, iPod 60GB, iPod 5GB, Sony headphones, Garmin Nuvi 660, inductive amplifier, Moto Razr

  4. Brent, My previous backpack was also an Ogio and it was an indestructible world traveler. This one is also very sturdy, but looks a bit more professional/stylish and *most importantly* has a dedicated side-loading laptop compartment. My 15″ Macbook Pro fits perfectly and it’s very efficient getting it in and out for mobile stuff or just getting through airport security. The bag was also pretty reasonably priced at ~$65.

    For those of you looking for bargain noise canceling headphones, these AblePlanets run $300. However, my Shures can probably be had for $80ish and are more compact for traveling. For active noise canceling, I know there are several moderately priced models of various brands but my experience is limited. Though the lower-end models universally have made me feel like I was either underwater or left me with a sort of motion sickness feeling.

    Big John, Two iPods of similar form factors at a time? If my Bluetooth GPS puck experiments disappoint, I’ll probably pick up the Nuvi 350. Good form and text-to-speech. Or maybe RIM will release the Blackberry Curve with GPS built-in, as they are in Germany.

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