Xbox 360 HD DVD Drops $20

hd-dvd.jpgMicrosoft will be dropping the price of their Xbox 360 HD DVD player from $199 to $179 come August 1st. While a $20 discount isn’t very compelling, they’re also offering five free HD DVD titles. But with a Netflix subscription, who cares? If they really want to move these, MS needs to bring them down to $129 or, better yet, $99. The tide may have turned… and I not wagering $179 on HD DVD.

(Thanks, Kevin!)

3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 HD DVD Drops $20”

  1. You can already pick one up for a lot less than $179 if you shop around so hopefully losing $20 of the price will lead to even better savings.

    They also work with a PC or Mac :)

  2. The only real deal I’ve heard about was that Sam’s Club one, but I wasn’t able to confirm (or take advantage of) it. The best I’ve been able to figure out has been to use that periodic 10% of Best Buy coupon mailer.

  3. So I could buy a 360, get an HD DVD player for $179, and download (buy/rent) HD movies and TV

    I wish I were 20-something again. :)

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