QuickTime Goes Full Screen (For Free)

quicktime_logo.gifThe title says it all…. and it’s about frickin’ time. I know there are several good reasons to upgrade to QuickTime Pro, full screen support having been one of them, but I’ve always bristled at the idea of paying for what should be provided with OS X. Bill me for iMovie, but don’t charge me for a media player.

QuickTime 7.2 addresses critical security issues and delivers:

  • Support for full screen viewing in QuickTime Player
  • Updates to the H.264 codec
  • Numerous bug fixes

Now that we’ve reached this milestone, I look forward to QuickTime 7.3 which will allow me to save web video… for free. ;)

(via AppleInsider)

1 thought on “QuickTime Goes Full Screen (For Free)”

  1. It really was about time! It was getting ludicrous that QuickTime Player was the ONLY media player on Mac OS X that couldn’t play video in full screen mode.

    Leaves me wondering, though, what the difference is between full screen mode and “present movie” mode. The latter is still a Pro-only option.

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