Netflix Still Contemplating Dedicated STB?

According to an Engadget tipster, Netflix has been conducting focus groups for two set-top box prototypes. The Watch Now-receiving hardware would reportedly clock in at $50 (composite & S-Video) or $100 (component & HDMI) — Which strikes me as extremely affordable… if they can pull it off. Though, I’d still prefer to have fewer boxes and can think of several other platforms I’d rather see this functionality land on.

(Spotted on TiVo Lovers)

2 thoughts on “Netflix Still Contemplating Dedicated STB?”

  1. I don’t understand Netflix’s thinking here. It’s great that they are trying to get Watch Now to the masses and on the 1st screen. There’s an easier way though. I imagine a good number of people would like to access Watch Now through their game system instead (me included). Would that be so hard? Come on Netflix get with Nintendo and make it a download on the Wii!!! Security shouldn’t be a problem since game systems are very closed to begin with.

  2. Basically I think Netflix feels the need to seed the infant industry with some sort of box. I doubt it is a significant part of their longer run business strategy.

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