Dave Subscribes To Mozy

mozy1.pngA few weeks ago I expressed some doubts regarding online backup service Mozy, and wasn’t interested in subscribing to the Unlimited plan. However, I still don’t have a good backup plan in place… So it’s crazy not to spend the equivalent of one Starbucks drink ($4.95/month) for some off-site insurance. My first priority is preserving my personal photo collection, and the backup job is running now. Once that’s complete, I’ll add (replaceable) commercial video and tunes. And maybe one day I’ll find the time and motivation to come up with something better.

8 thoughts on “Dave Subscribes To Mozy”

  1. I’m using Mozy Unlimited as well. Even with all of the storage available in my home (Drobo, Windows Home Server, etc.), I, too, wanted something off-site. So far, I am very pleased with it.

  2. I’ve been using Mozy for a while now and I’ve been more than happy with the service. In fact, I’m still on their 30GB for unlimited computers plan and backing up about 2 of my systems for $4.95 per month. I think once I hit the 30GB limit I’ll switch over to the unlimited plan for each one.

    My biggest reason for using Mozy is just the “fire and forget” nature of the software. You just install it, configure what you want backed up, and you don’t need to worry abuot it again.

  3. I tried Mozy on the Mac (it’s still in Beta) and it almost hosed my machine by filling up my HD until I had zero space left (from 14 gigs free to 0 in about 2 hours) so if you’re on a Mac be careful.

  4. Yah, Media Temple does give me a decent amount of space and bandwidth. I chose Mozy because it’s already installed and doesn’t require any further research or effort at this point. Though SyncBackSE looks like a good option – but, does it support OS X?

    Ultimately, I think I want a beefy NAS that periodically backsup to my hosting provider (or elsewhere). ReadyNAS may be the answer.

  5. I use Mozy, I-Backup, Chrashplan. My favorite is Crashplan, it uses a clustering system for backing up the data. I can Backup to any computer around the house, work, online, friend PC. Restores are fast. I backup all my stuff to the kids PC, Wife, Laptop and if something happens. All I need to do is to restore from any of those Machines at LAN Speed. All encrypted, plus they offer online too.

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