YouTube Gets Mobile

Without any fanfare, Google quietly launched YouTube Mobile. The web page is slimmed down for your portable, and video selections are streamed 3GP. Interesting to see YouTube move beyond Flash as their sole video format. (H.264 coming to AppleTV.)

So far, I haven’t had very good luck with the mobile offering… On a Treo 700p, clicking a YouTube vid brought up a blank web page. On a 700w, Windows Media Player launched with an error. Brian Lam over on Gizmodo had better luck on a 755 and Helio Ocean (above).In other news, YouTube has launched an online video editing tool. “Remixer” is Flash-based and described as powered by Adobe Premiere Express.

4 thoughts on “YouTube Gets Mobile”

  1. Videos loaded fine on my Vario II (an HTC pocket pc) and streamed nicely on windows media player. cool. Not all content is available yet.

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