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As most of you know, TiVo killed the Lifetime Service option because it wasn’t exactly profitable. (Damn that reliable hardware and replaceable hard drive. ;) ) So I find it particularly interesting to see TiVo offering up a Lifetime Service transfer with an 80 hour dual tuner Series2 for $300. I suppose TiVo wants everyone on newer hardware to experience broadband services, receive ads, and to be tabulated under Stop||Watch. You have until July 23rd to think it over.

The fine print:

Qualify current TiVo DVR
Enter the TiVo Service Number of your TiVo® DVR with Product Lifetime Service ACTIVATED PRIOR to June 15, 2003.

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(Thanks, Marc!)

11 thoughts on “Transfer Lifetime TiVo Service”

  1. Got my email for this just a little while ago. Too bad it’s only for the DT 80HR series 2. That would have been a very nice option with the Father’s day deal on the series 3.

  2. So basically TiVo is again, leaving their newer customers out in the cold. I purchased my TiVo in November of 2005 and activated lifetime service. This was literally weeks before the lifetime service option was eliminated. I would more than happily upgrade to a TiVo S2 DT, but I don’t want to lose my lifetime service. TiVo, if you’re listening, don’t forget us too!

  3. Other things to consider… For ideal dual tuning functionality, you’d use analog cable. How long will that last? In my area and my mom’s area they moving everyone onto digital with cable boxes. Also, how many really want want a Lifetime of standard def? If it were me, I’d continue to enjoy my older Lifetimed unit and save the $300.

  4. I’d love to “upgrade” the old S1 box, but for that kind of money I’d also rather replace it with a(nother) S3 box — except for the fact that the S3 (or even a DT-S2) won’t share programs with my existing S3… Argh. Close but no cigar. Oh well, I guess I’ll hang onto my 120-hour (grandfathered lifetime) S1 box a while longer.

  5. I got the email as well. I agree that there is no real reason to take the offer. I’m waiting for the cheaper HD unit. How many of us can there be anyway who are lifetime before 2003? This and the Best Buy give away for the 80DT lead me to believe there is something new coming down the pike and they are looking to move the 80 hour unit in advance.

  6. I received the same email. It doesn’t make sense to me either. I have two 60Hr S2 units with upgraded hard drives. I’ve had to replace the power supply on each, but I can get used ones on eBay for under $40. So although it’s the “lifetime” of the unit, I’ll just keep extending the lifetime.

  7. Yeah I was considering the upgrade of the Series 1 with lifetime service (and extra HD space and TivoNet) which I have given to my parents, but $300 is pretty steep for a box that would have less storage and somewhat better softare (TiVo-2-Go would be nice, but not worth $300). Not to mention that they are on satellite so the dual tuners would be useless!

  8. Same offer here. Makes no sense to me; offer it for the S3 along with the father’s day price and I’ll consider coming back, but for a dual tuner S2?? nope

  9. If it supported recording from 2 satellite channels at the same time and was more like $199 I’d consider it. Everyone knows I’m waiting for Tom Rogers to call John Malone and resurrect the DirecTivo with all features enabled. Now that we’ve all come to the conclusion that PVRs are nice to have but not everyone in the world has to have one and that it’s a niche product, can we just open up the gates a little?

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