Joost Seeking Hardware Partners?

Word on the street is that Joost is on the lookout for hardware partners. Because we just don’t have enough media extenders. ;) Of course, Joost does has several things going for them – tons of buzz, funding, and content partners. Although Joost’s unique interface may not translate so well to a couch-based experience. And as Brad Linder over at PVRWire wonders:

the whole selling point of Joost was that it made the experience of watching internet video a bit more like watching TV. If you’re actually, you know, watching TV on it, does Joost bring anything to the table?

4 thoughts on “Joost Seeking Hardware Partners?”

  1. Yup, Joost is looking for deals to embed their player in hardware stream receivers.

    And we sure don’t have enough media extenders. The disappointing selection so far stinks.

  2. Dave-

    Am I just being too naive at the obviousness of this? Sounds like a perfect fit for your employer and the SlingCatcher!

  3. I am already going to preorder the SlingCatcher the first possible day I can, but this would be an amazing addition. I love the Joost interface, and of course the biggest drawback is the lack of a 10-foot interface, so to speak. As I mentioned with the SlingPlayer, it would be awesome to have everything integrated into Windows Vista Media Center. While I am doubtful we will see this anytime soon, the next best thing would be to have Joost built into the SlingCatcher.

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