Jaman: First Commercial AppleTV Plugin?

Dave Zatz —  June 30, 2007


Jaman is a digital movie download service (Mac and PC) focusing on international and indie content. Om Malik caught up with his Bay Area neighbor for a demo of their upcoming AppleTV integration:

Jaman has done a great job of (unofficially) integrating their service with AppleTV, and the experience was as seamless as say YouTube. But more importantly, the visual quality on a big screen plasma screen was stunning… scratch that, breath taking, when compared to Apple’s own video offerings.

This is interesting for a few reasons. Jaman uses the same model as AppleTV movie and television downloads — content is stored on a PC or Mac and then synced over to AppleTV. Apple hasn’t exactly opened their doors (yet) to developers, so Jaman relied on the hacker community to integrate their service.

Jaman may make the plugin available within the next week or so. I’m interested in learning how easy the install is and how/if Apple will react to the commercialization of a hack.

One response to Jaman: First Commercial AppleTV Plugin?

  1. Hey! Thanks for the post! I saw it at work in our last meeting. :)

    If you want updates about it, check out the blog: http://blog.jaman.com (not much to say right now, but I’ll keep you posted).

    – Danielle (aka Jamanista)