iPhone Service Plans Announced, Not Too Shabby


iPhone week continues!

Earlier today Apple and AT&T announced service plans for the iPhone… And while they’ve said all along they wouldn’t be subsidizing hardware, they’re obviously subsidizing subscriptions. The least expensive plan runs $60/month, which includes unlimited data and 450 minutes of talk time. For comparison, I pay AT&T $80/mo (1/2 voice, 1/2 data) to power my Samsung Blackjack. Assuming one actually keeps their phone two years (I never have), the steep initial hardware fee ($500-$600) would be offset by these lower rates.

As Michael Gartenberg notes, the simplified plan offerings and iTunes activation may be unusual for the phone industry… but it’s exactly what we expect from consumer-oriented Apple.

5 thoughts on “iPhone Service Plans Announced, Not Too Shabby”

  1. Though we’ll never know, I’d be real interested to learn what the attach rate is for a text messaging plan (beyond the included 200 messages). I assume AT&T is going to make a killing there…

  2. According to apple’s website (which lists all plans including family plans) says existing AT&T customers can just add the iPhone data plan on to their existing voice plan.

    They all include unlimited data and visual voicemail. The difference being the sms quantities …

    SMS: 200 – $20; 1500 – $30; unlimited – $40

  3. The How-To activation video now on Apple’s site show’s you can add to publish plans, 1500 sms for $10-a-month or unlimited sms for $20-a-month.

  4. What percent will add that $10 or $20? Again, we’ll probably never know – but I’d guess 1/2 – 2/3. For many (in what I assume to be the iPhone demographic), sending text messages will be more meaningful than email.

    Still no word on IM capabilities… I assume iChat will make an appearance at some point and messages will fall within those SMS buckets – not considered “unlimited data.”

  5. I use the $19.95 unlimited Smartphone plan for my 3125 and Blackjack. I don’t do much texting, so don’t miss that at all. I mainly use Internet and E-mail (both direct-push and pop3).

    This iPhone looks interesting (neighbor works for ATT and has had one for a while), but I’ll pass.

    I don’t think I’m the demo that they are targeting though. I mainly use my smartphones for work. I use the iPod for entertainment. Now if they’d bring out a new iPod in this form factor (with touch screen – and without phone), I’m in.


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