Hands On with YouTube’s Remixer


I’ve drooled over Final Cut Pro for years, but unfortunately in this lifetime I don’t have enough hours to learn the software, much less use it on a regular basis. So, I’m thrilled with the fact that there are now a bunch of Web apps that make video editing exceedingly quick and easy. YouTube is of course the latest to offer such a tool with its addition of Adobe’s Remixer app. I tried it out and was initially all set to sing YouTube’s praises. Unfortunately, the published version of my first remixed video looked nothing like the very-promising preview. The basic editing cuts worked, but the transitions I’d added in were gone.

Wondering how other people had fared, I decided to check out the comments on YouTube’s blog post about its site updates. Ouch. There are a bunch of very unhappy people out there. A few people mentioned having trouble with the editing features (audio problems, text rendering issues, problems with graphics, etc.), but far more people wrote to say they are having trouble with other parts of the site that worked fine before. That plus the fact that YouTube has added a “Videos Being Watched Now” section to its front page that seems to highlight rear shots and outright adult topics, makes me wonder what YouTube was thinking.

On the up side, if YouTube does manage to fix all the glitches, Remixer could be a compelling new feature – in large part because it works right where hordes of people have already uploaded and stored their videos.

3 thoughts on “Hands On with YouTube’s Remixer”

  1. You don’t have to drool over FCP and lament that you don’t have time to learn it… Macs come with iMovieHD. It’s easy to use and probably much quicker and more powerful than the YouTube app. I can’t imagine doing video editing via a web app. Surely you should do all the editing in as good a resolution and you can and just downscale for delivery if you need to.

  2. Microsoft also provides Windows Movie Maker for free.

    Though there’s something to be said for the small footprint, light weight web apps which are fairly simple and usable.

    Though GadgetGav raises a good point on resolution… I wouldn’t want all my family or travel films in YouTube quality.

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