Engadget’s TiVo Deathwatch Continues

Dave Zatz —  June 1, 2007

Despite TiVo’s profitable quarter, Engadget still has TiVo on deathwatch. While I don’t think TiVo is in any danger of dying, I agree with Engadget that one profitable quarter doesn’t imply financial well being as they struggle to find more subscribers.

So, the question is – If Engadget isn’t lifting the deathwatch now, when should they lift it? Here are a few suggestions:

Any others?

3 responses to Engadget’s TiVo Deathwatch Continues

  1. Good ideas.

    How about if Motorola buys TiVo? (How about it, Mari?)

  2. Motorola bought UCentric a while back, but they don’t seem to be using them for the cable DVR software.

    I think a company like Digeo/Moxi is a more likely target for Motorola, or maybe Cisco/Scientific Atlanta.

  3. When Microsoft buys TiVo (and kills it in favor of a windows-based solution.)