Cartoon Network Porting Adult Swim

robotchicken.jpgHere’s an interesting tibit I ran across: Cartoon Network is working on some sort of Adult Swim content/gaming mashup for web and consoles.

The Mega Series is a custom application accessible through a console browser and a PC browser. Once the application is built, the interface will be customized for the Flash capabilities of each distribution platform — including PC, PS3 or mobile phone — creating a VOD and gaming experience

Could be cool. Though it sounds like Xbox 360 (no web browser) and iPhone (reports of no Flash) owners will be left out. Guess we’ll find out in early 2008.

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  1. I was just going through yesterdays email (it hard keeping up) and discovered some additional info:

    Cartoon Network New Media has announced it will expand games distribution to videogame consoles, thanks to an innovative browser application developed at the AFI Digital Content Lab.

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