Verizon Launches FiOS TV 2.0


Originally announced at CES, I’ve been given word that Verizon’s FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide ~aka FiOS TV 2.0~ is rolling. The new GUI has just launched in Fort Wayne, IN and will be deployed to existing FiOS TV customers as a software update on existing hardware over the summer. To the best of everyone’s knowledge the interface was produced in-house.

Based on Verizon’s animated demo, the interface looks pretty slick – perhaps a little Moxi graphical, vertical orientation mixed with a little Xbox 360 blades/tabs. Search functionality includes television programming, recorded shows, and video on demand. Text can be entered via either an on-screen keyboard, a triple tap phone keypad, or scrollable list of letters. Additional broadband interactivity such as viewing PC photos and local traffic is also included.

Could this update justify the reported DVR price hike from $12.99/month to $15.99? Regardless, I’ll try to make it up to Verizon’s NJ offices in the next few weeks for a hands on.

Click thumbnails for a larger view:

fullscreen_and_fixed_focus.jpg media_manager_menu.jpg search_results.jpg

virtual_keyboard_text_entry.jpg widgets.jpg ondemand_movie_poster.jpg

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