Slingin’ on Mac OS X


As you may have read yesterday, Sling Media (my employer) released SlingPlayer for Mac 1.0. The beta version of this software has been available for several months — And since launch we’ve beefed up our staff with several former Apple employees, served up over 80,000 downloads (of .145), and squashed hundreds of bugs. Feedback from the Mac community was instrumental in producing the sharp new Aqua interface. While v1 is a milestone, this is not the first nor will it be our last OS X software update. Our Mac dev team is a permanent fixture here at Sling and will continue to improve performance and add features (as we do with PC and mobile clients).

Some hands on coverage in blogland:

Some SlingPlayer for Mac references:

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  1. Hey Dave,
    I’m a big Mac head, but since I have a PSP, I opted for Sony’s LocationFree. Although Sling seems like a better overall solution, will there ever be a PSP player? LocationFree is great on my PSP, OK on my Macs (software and remotes are a bit dodgy), but, well, you know…

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