Pandora Wants To Be Portable

sansa.jpgThe last time I quizzed my contact at Pandora on making their service portable, I commuted two hours a day and worked out of an office. With a new work-from-home lifestyle, my desire for portable Pandora has diminished… However, I still think this is a great avenue for them to explore (even being geographically challenged). I’m betting something like a “Sansa Connect with Pandora” would generate a lot of interest amongst the digerati. writes:

Cutting the chord between Internet radio and the PC is vital to the business, [founder] Westergren says, noting that his company is on the hunt for deals with portable devices. “It’s definitely holding us back and we’re not sitting idly by,” he says. “Our intention is to make radio, period, and to be radio with a capital R you have to be everywhere, you can’t just be on the PC.”

And speaking of mobile tunes… Once I get done with my next round of travels (Bay Area & Denmark) I’m going to give Yahoo’s unlimited music download service a spin on my Samsung Blackjack and OTTO review sample.

(via Orbitcast)

3 thoughts on “Pandora Wants To Be Portable”

  1. why the hell doesn’t pandora want to be on my tivo? live365 is pretty spare. i would gladly pay $5 a month for pandora on my tivos. i’m probably not alone.

  2. It’d be nice to pay a combined subscription for a library as deep as Rhapsody alongside a recommendation engine as ‘smart’ as pandora.

  3. Hmmm. The Filter is already like a Pandora for portable devices and already works with my iPod.

    Why would anyone shell out for this package when Pandora could get shut down any minute.,

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