New TV Stats

Because there’s nothing like an official study to make us think we know which direction the market will go…

A study conducted by Canalys (reported on ZDNet) found that 51% of the European adults surveyed were interested in mobile TV. However, the contentweb-tv-3.jpg they reported being interested in varied widely, from live sports events to YouTube clips. Content is king, but apparently no single type of content rules the realm.

In an entirely different study, Ipsos Insight found that Americans are still watching the vast majority of their television on their TV sets. Even adults who regularly stream and download video from the Web watch just 11% of their TV at the computer, while still watching 75% on a traditional TV screen. In the 12-24 cohort, that number drops to “more than 60%.”

Interestingly, a fair number of folks said they’d be interested in burning video from a computer to a DVD to watch on the big screen. Note, they didn’t say they’d be interested in buying a new gadget to stream content from a computer to a TV. Of course, maybe the survey didn’t ask about that.

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  1. European sporting events are about as interesting as YouTube clips… ;)

    Of course, once they actually burn a video from a computer to a DVD they will get interested in buying a gadget to stream from the computer to the TV. ;)

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