Cisco Prepping Super-DVR?


Since CES in January I’ve heard rumblings that Cisco (comprised of Scientific Atlanta, Linksys, and KiSS Technology) has some sort of über home media network hub DVR product line in the works. Granted, I hear tons of rumors… However I’ve received inquiries regarding this mysterious product by several well connected industry folks who seem to have heard similar buzz. Business Week sheds some light on Cisco’s strategy and possible hardware, which the Gizmodo gang breaks down:

is devising a home-theater assault that could actually gain ground, according to BusinessWeek. At the vanguard is a mystery “souped-up” set-top box that combines DVR functionality and wireless networking for one-box, whole-house distributed video. Word is that there may be some editions distributed by cable companies, which makes sense. What’s weirder is that Cisco may also sell one in stores under the Linksys brand.