Cisco Buys Scientific-Atlanta


Networking giant Cisco just picked up Scientific-Atlanta, one of the largest manufacturers of set-top boxes, for nearly 7 BILLION dollars. The deal, and Cisco’s intent, is especially interesting when combined with Cisco’s earlier acquisition of KiSS, maker of networked home entertainment gear. So how long before we see a cable company DVR with built-in cable modem, wireless router, and UPnP server?

CNN says: Cisco Systems Inc. agreed Friday to buy Scientific-Atlanta Inc., one of the largest makers of set-top boxes used by cable subscribers, in a cash deal with $6.9 billion. “Video is emerging as the key strategic application in the service provider triple play bundle of consumer entertainment, communication and online services,” said a statement from Cisco CEO and President John Chambers. Earlier this year Cisco bought KiSS Technology, a privately held Danish tech firm that makes consumer electronics such as DVD players and digital video recorders that can connect to a home network and access content from the Web.

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  1. I just gave myself a snickering fit imagining a cable box running IOS – and then trying to decide if that would be better or worse than the current SARA interface.

    I’m such a geek….

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