Slinging With CBS

In case you didn’t catch the news yesterday, CBS is expanding their online video presence. Instead of funneling folks onto a single video site, they’re taking a different approach by providing CBS content to a variety of online destinations. We at Sling Media (my employer) are psyched to expand our relationship with CBS (see Clip+Sling) and will provide some pretty interesting ways to view their programming…


Speaking of Sling Media, that company plans more than just a video portal; it’s going to allow playback through SlingPlayer software, and the idea is also to get content from the internet to TV via its SlingCatcher. Plus, users will be able to share that content with each other, bandwidth permitting, of course.

TV Squad:

While most of the partners are online video websites and portals, Sling Media is in the business of letting users stream their own media over the internet. Sling Media plans to launch a Clip+Sling online video site this summer, which will feature CBS content. But users will also be able to watch the videos using SlingPlayer software, or using the upcoming SlingCatcher box, which lets users watch web video on their television sets.

Live Digitally:

I chatted briefly with Dave Zatz from Sling Media, and from what I understand Sling’s participation is unique in that they will not only have a Web portal, but can also bring CBS content into the SlingPlayer on PCs and in the future, to the SlingCatcher device.

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