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Several people have gotten in touch regarding yesterday’s CNET blog post:

Apple TV does not stream over the Internet or across a cellular phone network, but the SlingBox does. And Sling Media, the maker of the SlingBox, confirmed to CNET on Monday that the company is working on making the Slingbox compatible with Apple TV. The most likely–and compelling–scenario would be to allow the streaming of Apple TV content to a mobile device.

slingbox-appletv.jpgYes, I can confirm this is accurate. (I work for Sling Media.) The Slingbox currently supports over 5,000 AV devices (cable boxes, DVRs, DVD players, etc) via IR and we’ve got many more in the pipeline. For Apple TV, you’d use the component pass-thru on a Slingbox PRO with HD Connect to remotely view, or listen, to your content. Our SlingPlayer software (computer and mobile) offers an audio-only mode, so we’re not just talking ATV video here… Select an iTunes playlist, switch to audio-only if you’d like (reducing bandwidth), and listen to your music anywhere you’ve got Internet. I don’t have anything to say on availability other than we’re currently in testing and it is coming…

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  1. That’s cool. But what I _REALLY_ want is a SlingPlayer for AppleTV. The biggest negative to the slingbox is that I can’t hook up a client in another room of my house (or someone else’s house *grin*), sign into my Slingbox, and watch my TV/TiVo on another TV.

  2. Am I missing something or is this stupid ? I mean you have all this digital content on your computer in iTunes connected to the internet. Why would you want to send it to Apple TV, convert it to component video output, capture it with SlingBox, and then send it over the internet. Why not just have software that takes the media right from your computer to the internet, or even just copy iTunes files ?

  3. Alan: The SlingCatcher is coming later this year…

    Jeff: If you already have a Slingbox and Apple TV, it’s not a big deal to add this functionality. The Pro accepts multiple inputs, so you have your DVR output SVideo for example and use component with iTV and toggle between devices and content.

    I’m not aware of any Mac software that let’s you broadcast (or play) protected music and video on devices like the Treo 700p or 700w, however that’s not a bad idea.

  4. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please make a J2ME client that I can install onto my unlocked RAZR XX!

    Imma beggin ya!

  5. In addition to a SlingPlayer client to watch my content on someone else’s AppleTV, a killer app for me would be SlingCatcher-like functionality. This would allow me to sit on my laptop and bring up videos from any site (youtube, google video etc.) and “clip” the movie straight to the TV for viewing with my friends. No worries about codec or flashplayer support because the laptop would stream the pixels straight out of the browser window. This is similar to the functionality I’ve heard the SlingCatcher will provide. Its also similar to Apple’s Web Clip Dashboard widget planned for Leopard (only you’d be clipping to the TV):

  6. Todd, this may interest you

    We have also received much enthusiasm regarding support for other mobile platforms, such as RIM Blackberry, J2ME, and BREW. We are currently evaluating such opportunities for SlingPlayer Mobile, and will provide information on our website as soon as available.

  7. “…We are currently evaluating such opportunities for [J2ME] SlingPlayer Mobile..”

    Oh yes! I know at least one other person besides me who will instantly buy the whole Sling hardware line-up, whatever it takes, IF and WHEN we can get a J2ME client for our RAZRs.

  8. Thanks Dave, I’d heard of SlingCatcher but (for some reason) thought it was just PC -> TV, I hadn’t realized until today that it was also Slingbox -> remote TV.

    I guess I hadn’t read closely enough when it was preannounced. :-) Thanks! (Now, why did I buy the AppleTV? Oh yeah, because Steve Jobs owns my wallet.)

  9. I am a dj. if apple tv can’t support my feal for music what gives… yes it dose tv.. wheres the professinal high def sound if this product gose wifi. we need high def audio too.. and anyway why can’t everyone live a life with out a sling box wifi. i want a sling box broadcaster so i can stream my content over the net from itunes thats a real product. I come up with the ideas wish i had the tools i can make it happen but will they let me.

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