Punk’d by Borat


How my buddy Tim was punk’d… and Netflix wasn’t surprised:

I got the movie Borat via Netflix and it I was a little bitter that it was a bootleg copy. Looked like a consumer purchased DVD with the title inked on the surface with a Sharpie. So I report it to Netflix, being the good citizen that I am and this is the response.

We appreciate this opportunity to assist you with “Borat.” “Borat”, is a comedic social satire. In keeping with the tone of the movie itself, the movie packaging was intentionally designed by the studio to look like a “bootlegged” or pirated movie. We hope you enjoyed “Borat” and appreciate your inquiry!

In other Netflix news, they’re apparently keeping kosher for Passover:


3 thoughts on “Punk’d by Borat”

  1. I freaking love this! Call it an April Fools joke! I love Borat also so I would have been pissed at first and then laughed about it! I actually used his pic in a blog today!

  2. Yep, they made a big deal about that when it came out on DVD, the entire package looks like it’s something that was made on a color copier. :)

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