Netflix Launches Internet TV Group with ReplayTV Alum

Dave Zatz —  April 16, 2007

Anthony Wood, founder of ReplayTV, has been tapped to lead Netflix’s new Internet TV group and is tasked to “deliver movies directly to subscribers’ televisions via the Internet.” The Netflix press release describes Wood’s career path:

Until his appointment by Netflix, Mr. Wood, 41, was CEO of Roku, a digital media company that manufactures and markets SoundBridge, the market-leading Internet radio, and BrightSign, a leading digital sign controller. Mr. Wood is best known as the creator of the digital video recorder (DVR) and as the founder of ReplayTV, where he served as president and CEO before the company’s acquisition by SONICblue in 2001.

2 responses to Netflix Launches Internet TV Group with ReplayTV Alum

  1. Snooz news.

    Guess the Netflix relationship with Tivo has really gone down the tubes with Amazon on board now.

    Plus what’s up with the internet tv junk. People want to watch movies on the TV Netflix!!

  2. Think there’s any chance this won’t be DRM’d?? I’d love to see this supported by XBMC.