Lost Fans: “Dad In A Box”

Maybe Lost hasn’t jumped the shark after all… things haven’t been as bad since the Hurley-asteroid episode. But I haven’t made up my mind if I’m still watching because I really like the show or because I just want some answers.

Anyways, for the Lost fans out there who are also fans of SNL and Andy Sandberg, you can’t miss this video:

! contains content from 3/21 episode !

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3 thoughts on “Lost Fans: “Dad In A Box””

  1. It’s Andy Samberg (not Adam). I’ve updated the post.

    Like Rakesh, I’ve kept watching Lost and fortunately it’s been much better the last few weeks. Though the underlying mystery seems to be a supernatural island (that even the Others don’t fully understand), which doesn’t satisfy. I say let’s rescue some of the folks off the island and then blow it up at the end of the season. CBS can do a few spinoffs like Desmond running around saving people with his new powers that work off the island or Kate and Sawyer as fugitive lovers.

  2. We just finished season two at my house. Glad to hear there’s some hope for season three even if several episodes are cringe-worthy. Hurley and an asteroid?

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