Did Lost Just Jump The Shark?

lost.jpgWhat the heck is up with Lost? Honestly, I think I’m about done. I’ve lost interest in getting answers to their mysteries… the bits they’ve revealed aren’t so mysterious (or compelling) anyway and they’ve killed some of my favorite characters such Ana Lucia and Ecko (not to mention we’ve barely seen any Locke recently).

The first season was absolutely amazing, some of the best television ever — I guess it’s no surprise they couldn’t keep that level of quality (and my interest) going forever. There are two lessons here: 1. Mysteries and horror are better left off screen. What we don’t know is more scary, more perplexing, and thus more engaging. 2. Movies have a distinct beginning, middle, and end (which I prefer)… whereas television shows drag on collecting advertising dollars as long as possible (which I don’t prefer).

Stop reading NOW if you haven’t watched the most recent episode…





So did Lost jump the shark this week? In a Cheech and Chong tribute episode, we discover Cheech Marin is Hurley’s father so everyone gets together on a remote island to drink stale beer and drive a VW bus in circles. Great fun for all!

13 thoughts on “Did Lost Just Jump The Shark?”

  1. Long ago lost interest. The whole last season with everybody locked up was boring. And as you say, when they did reveal explanations for things (a giant magnet? really?) they were stupid.

    Classic mistakes. Viewers want explanations. But the writers didn’t really have good ones. So they dragged them out but eventually had to reveal something.

    X-Files was great for years. Some kind of scary conspiracy behind the scenes that we couldn’t follow. Then they explained it… see there were these grey aliens, and this oil, and these bees, and… wait, thats STUPID!

    Same writer as Alias of course, which lost its way with all the Rimbaldi crapola.

    The back stories continued to be interesting, and the actors are great, but I stopped watching some time ago.

  2. Nooooooo . . . Party foul Dave, we need the Lost spoiler alert at the top of the post, not after you tell me about who has died. I stopped watching Lost after season 1 because ABC pulled that BS extend the program by 1 minute crap and my crappy motorola DVR couldn’t handle the conflict this created.

    My plan is to go back and watch the rest of the series on DVD, but had ABC either A.) released each season of LOST on DVD the minute the season finale aired, so that people could catch up over the summer or B.) allowed me to go back and see archived shows online, I would still be tuning in. Instead, they’ve made the program so complicated and have stopped and started it so many times, that no one wants go jump back in because each week is so dependent on the past episodes.

    I think we’ll eventually see LOST cancelled, but I bet they give them one more year. If ABC was smarter with their digital strategies though, I bet the series could run a lot longer.

  3. We got to draw the spoiler line somewhere… I think 5 and 10 month lead times are reasonable. ;)

    Though, like you I do watch quite a few television series (especially those from HBO, which I don’t get) on DVD (a year or more after the fact).

  4. The first season and a bit more were great. Now, they just keep adding twists and, worst of all, characters, each episode. I stopped watching, but each day in the office after a new episode airs, my question is always: “How many new characters in this episode?”

    They don’t resolve anything, they just keep opening more issues. During the first season, I made the mistaken assumption that this was styled after 24 in that all would be resolved by season’s end. Not even close – it just keeps widening its scope.

    I’m done with it.

  5. Yeah, we stopped watching a few episodes back. To be perfectly honest I would have stopped watching last season, but Lost is one of the only sci-fi (barely) themed shows my wife was willing to watch with me.

    I thought the first episode was amazing, but after a while the telling stories through flashbacks thing got about as cliche as using separate on-screen boxes to show action in 24.

    But the biggest problem is that they named the show Lost. The second biggest is that they aired it in the US. Lost indicates that if they ever really get off the island, the show’s over. And while the BBC would be happy with a show with a beginning, middle, and conclusion at the end of 22 episodes, US networks are going to milk it as long as they can. So they keep adding elements that make no sense at all until you just don’t care about the characters, mysteries, or anything really.

  6. Sure the past few episodes haven’t been as good, but it is still my favorite show on TV right now. It still one of the few shows I watch 15min after it starts.

    I hope it gets better because if the ratings are bad then it will obviously get canceled, but either way I will watch till the end.

  7. I was excited when this season started. Even though there are some dull moments now and then in almost every episode (similar to Battlestar Galactica and Deadwood) I still continue to watch so I don’t get LOST (pun intended). I think ABC really screwed up by only showing 6 (or 7) episodes before taking a three month hiatus to air a new show they ended up cancelling (Day Break-That show was so intriguing I never watched an episode).

    I think ABC has been taking scheduling tips from FOX (referring to Firefly, What kind of idiot makes the decision to air 9 episodes of a new series and then air the 2 hour pilot?). ABC exec “Let’s take off three months for the summer, show a few new episodes then take another three months off just to really screw up our ratings”

  8. The last couple episodes have been awful, the worst being the one with Jack and that Asian woman. What was that all about and who cares where his tattoo came from? ABC has been bragging about this season’s run having no repeats, but that’s kind of hollow when a lot of the episodes are boring fillers. The first and second seasons were flawless. At the end of every episode, it made you go, “whoa! what the hell?!” Recently, it’s been a different sentiment: “Huh? What the hell?”

    At least next week looks pretty good.

  9. I think ABC should be forced to provide some sort of mark for “Real Episodes” vs filler episodes. That way the people could stop wasting their time with the crap.

    Remember how season 1 and 2 was all the talk around the water cooler? Now your lucky if you even find someone who watched the thing on Thursday morning.

  10. And here I thought you were going to say the meteor crashing was the ultimate jump the shark … can this show get anymore ridiculous?

  11. All I want to know is what’s up with the polar bears and the black smoke. As soon as I get answers to those questions, I’m done with Lost – and I’ll probably have to watch until the bitter end and never find the answers because there probably aren’t answers. As it stands now the show has become hard to watch – formulaic, meandering, puffed up with overacting. What a pity. It had such great promise. This would have been better as a mini-series with a definite end.

  12. I was hooked on Lost from the beginning. Hate the breaks in between, hate that they moved it to 10pm!! Go back to 8pm when people who get up early can watch it. The hatch was stupid. Keep them in the wilderness where the polar bears and black smoke(stupid) are, and for God’s sake, if Sawyer is ever killed, I’m done!
    Locke is the most interesting character, use him and his powers more. Bai Ling should be thrown to the sharks, she sucks!

  13. What the heck happened during the last friggin minute of the show last night? I hate this 1 minute past the hour crap. Of course my DVR stopped.

    This show will get another week out of me unless I see the Smoke Monster eating a Polar Bear with Jacob on its back.

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