Joost 0.9 Hits The Wires


The latest Joost beta (0.9) is available for download – for both Mac OS X and Windows. Along with the software comes a few Beta invites… Some are already spoken for, but go ahead and leave a comment if you’d like one. If I can’t help you now, I may be able to help you later. Though, given this version number, it looks like we must be getting close to launch.

Update: Chris Tew of Web TV Wire has graciously agreed to donate a few of his invites. And I’m still working some other angles to secure more…

39 thoughts on “Joost 0.9 Hits The Wires”

  1. I don’t know how many you have to spare, but I’d love an invite if you get this far down the list.

  2. Is Joost as cool as Boost Mobile? Where you at dog? Invites are cool. Plus I may have something you want. Let’s just say it has a picture of Honest Abe and its shiny.

  3. I would definitely like to check this out as well… I always liken Azureus Zudeo to the TiVo killer once one of these programs really takes off.

  4. Hey Dave, I’d love to get an invite if you have any left over. I signed up for the beta awhile ago, but I guess they weren’t very much interested in me. :-(

  5. Dave,
    I don’t want an invite either, but I want you to give one to “Pol Pot Pie” above even though he doesn’t want it. Serves him right.

  6. Hmm, list is pretty long, but I have been looking forward to trying Joost to replace phpBB, so would also like to try the beta.

  7. None left. However, the next time I get invites I’ll randomly select folks from this list. If you were one of the lucky ones to receive an invite, please consider donating 1 future invite to ZNF so we can get everyone hooked up.

  8. Hi Dave!
    Would You please be so kind to send an invite to an older IT specialist from Estonia?

    Thank You very much

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