Deal of the Day: TiVo Series3 @ $500

s3-tag.jpg Tired of waiting for that Comcast Motorola TiVo? Get a TiVo Series3 plus wireless adapter for $500… Direct from TiVo without rebates. $500 is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen and a whole lot more palatable than the $800 MSRP. Too late for Sascha to reconsider?

(via Gizmodo)

3 thoughts on “Deal of the Day: TiVo Series3 @ $500”

  1. you may have given me an excuse to buy a series3 finally… but the problem is i keep my tivo in my room, where there is non-hdtv, question is, is this worth it if im not connecting it to hdtv? i would at least be able to get hbo in my room…. hmmm decisions

  2. As soon as they let me tranfer my videos to and from the Series 3 I’ll start to replace my other TiVo’s.
    Until then, my single Series2 TiVo is just lonely in the living room.


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