Riddle Me This: TiVo Verizon Wireless Scheduling


Of the ~1.5 million Series2 and Series3 TiVo subscribers… How many are Verizon Wireless customers? With a compatible handset? Who want to schedule recordings via cell phone? And are willing to pay an additional $2/mo?

If you’re one of the 47*, learn more here.

10 thoughts on “Riddle Me This: TiVo Verizon Wireless Scheduling”

  1. Ahh. A great feature, that TiVo programming functionality from your Verizon Wireless phone. 13 models now have the capability, more added down the pike . . .
    LG VX-8300; LG VX-9800; Curitel CDM 8945; LG VX-7000; LG VX-8000; LG VX-8100; LG VX-8100 (MOD); Moto A840; Moto E815; Samsung A890; Samsung A950; Samsung A930; Samsung A970; Nokia 6305i; LG VX-8500

    Not for everybody, but very cool for those who want it. Works great!

  2. I still don’t understand why you couldn’t just surf to the TiVo website on your phone and schedule there. If I could get my actual TiVo recordings to play on my phone it might be worth the $2 per month, but I really don’t see how this functionality will appeal to anyone. Verizon should be giving the feature away to help differentiate their phones, instead of trying to nickel and dime TiVo customers with a product that consumers aren’t demanding.

  3. This, much like sprint GPS plan, just strikes me as ludicrous. Why would I pay a monthly fee for something I will likely use at best intermittently… you can sell me some software for a phone, you can charge me a one off fee for using something once in great while… but there is no way in hell I’m forking over money on a recurring basis for a one off tool. This is just classic cel company greed making trying to extend their monthly gouging much like with SMS or data plans. The whole thing is simple a way to call users stupid.

  4. Doesn’t support the RAZR? Isn’t that one of the more popular phones?

    Like others I know I can do this thru the web. Why I would pay $2 a month I can’t imagine.

    Course its Verizon, as usual socking it to their customers. $2 for this. $15 to $25 for their new broadcast TV feature, etc etc. I’ll just have to continue using just their cell phone service until a better provider gives me the coverage I want, then I’ll switch so fast you won’t believe it…

  5. I don’t know what model my cell phone is, but if they bring out one with a rotary dial I’ll consider upgrading.

  6. On-line Tivo scheduling via broadband is already a pretty bad experience. Web-browsing via the phone is so-so, but a nice convenience. Tivo scheduling via the phone is probably “emergency” only. I’d pony up $2 per year, not month.

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