Mari Goes Moto


Dave’s not the only one going corporate. I am now blogger-in-chief for the Motorola Connected Home Solutions group. Officially I started the job at the beginning of the year, but we’ve been working out a few kinks, and in February made the switch to WordPress. (Counting my lucky stars on that one…)

Check out the new blog @ Connected Home 2 Go. Dave’s been vetting it for me, but I’d love some new readers. ;)


1. Will Mari keep blogging for ZNF?
Yes! I love the blog that Dave has created and feel privileged to contribute to it.

2. How did Mari get hooked up with Motorola?
I’ve worked on and off with Motorola Connected Home Solutions for about four years. If you’re interested in the background, you can read about it on my About page.

3. How will Mari report objectively on ZNF given her connection to Motorola?
With as much full disclosure as possible. You’ll notice in past ZNF posts that Dave was always the one covering Motorola. In the future, if I write on anything Motorola-related, I will disclose it fully in the relevant post.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Hope to see you at Connected Home 2 Go… when you’re not reading ZNF of course…

7 thoughts on “Mari Goes Moto”

  1. I’m very happy for you! Good for Moto for getting onboard with blogging and good for Moto in selecting an excellent representative.

    I’m glad you’ve been able and willing to continue contributing here. Now give us the dirt on TiVo software running on 6412 boxes. ;)

  2. Mari,

    Can you comment on the newer Motorola dvr boxes? Have any cable operators committed to adopting them?


  3. I’m not Mari, but I wonder if the cable operators have much of a choice? As it stands, they must provide separable security (7/07) and there’s only a handful of set-top manufactures that the big boys are using.

  4. It’s just tough to hear about all these great features on the new boxes, but not see them enabled or available through the major cable guys for literally years!

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