TiVo Series3 8.1 Software Rollout Begins


Originally slated for a late 2006 release, the 8.1 update for Series3 units is finally rolling. Notable features include TiVoCast capability, KidZone, WPA support, and the Recently Deleted folder… plus “a number of bugs and issues” have been resolved. This update pretty much unifies (if not the code base) the functionality of the S2 and S3 line, with the exception of TiVoToGo and multi-room viewing (MRV) which are still MIA. The addition of the TiVoCast framework will allow for Amazon Unbox movies once the feature is available to the general public.

TiVo is starting the rollout slowly this week to ensure they got it right and that their support lines are prepared, before flipping the “really big switch” next week. Due to the (comparatively) small number of S3 units in the wild, TiVo isn’t offering a priority list — all units should receive the update in just a week or so.

Of course the first thing I did this AM was check my S3 for an update… no such luck. Come on, Bob: Help me, help you. ;)

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11 thoughts on “TiVo Series3 8.1 Software Rollout Begins”

  1. as for me, when S3 allows MRV i’ll be more than happy to open my wallet and switch out one of 3 of my tivos, until then i’ll stick to my S2. i sure wish they would offer nameable folders with sub folders within, so each person can have their owns shows in their own place

  2. I can live without TiVoToGo, but I’m also anxiously awaiting MRV. Even if they only let me transfer SD shows, I’ll be pleased. I have digital cable in the living room, but just analog (with an S2) in the bedroom — sure would love to move some shows over!

  3. I’d be happy with TivoToGo for non-encrypted (clear QAM) content. Frankly, I don’t know what’s taking them so long.

  4. Does anyone know if this update includes the ability to display JPEGs in High-Def under the HMO?

    Not that displaying things in High-Def is important for a High-Def player, of course…

    I’ve been using an HD bigscreen tv for two years now, and have yet to find a device that can do HD JPEG slideshows without blowing chunks…

    “HD” Tivo without HD JPEG viewing in HMO is a very unfunny joke.

  5. When I was evaluating the S3 prior to release, I was informed that HD image support was on the road map. I thought 8.1 might have it, but based on comments in the forum it doesn’t look like it’s included. Hmmm, could it also require a TiVo Desktop update?

  6. As you can see from the pic, I just got the update. The best feature is a minor one… being able to delete multiple shows without confirmation is nice (and I’ve grown accustomed to using it on the S2).

  7. Just got the new S3 update, but found out its still not possible to schedule tivocasts (cnet, etc) because the tivo website still thinks that feature is not yet available, contrary to the message that showed up with the update. Grrr.

  8. Tom: The framework is in place with 8.1 However, both TiVoCasts and GuruGuides require flipping a seperate switch up at TiVo HQ. I assume they’ll enable it once the 8.1 rollout is complete.

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