Media Extender Day, Part 2: Sony IVL


This summer, Sony intends to release a $300 “Internet Video Link” accessory for most of their new Bravia sets (which seems limiting). They promise a variety of content (including HD) from their own audio and video properties, as well as AOL and Yahoo. Though, no word yet on media pricing. In addition to commercial content, movie trailers and RSS feeds will also be available through the Xross Media Bar interface (which I don’t care for) also used on the PSP and PS3. The device piggy backs on the television and utilizes Ethernet and USB connections (content direct from the Internet, no PC required). One comment on Engadget had me chuckling: It’s not a set-top box, it’s a set-behind box.

2 thoughts on “Media Extender Day, Part 2: Sony IVL”

  1. Only bravia customers is a mistake.

    Plus it’ll probably be a walled garden application, only allowing Sony-branded content onto the TV. Sure they’ll let a few partners on to make it sound good.

    Could be so great I’ll be proven wrong, but seems like the usual wrong-headed Sony proprietary approach to things.

  2. You’re absolutely wrong. Only Bravia customers is not a mistake and you will be proven wrong time and time again.

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