BitTorrent Gets Legit (Yawn)


It’s déjà vu… all over again! Following in the footsteps of Napster, BitTorrent has a new business model: selling (non-pirated) media. Originally announced nearly a year ago, the legit video site launches in a few hours.

There’s not really much new or compelling here (regardless of what P2P technology may or may not be running under the hood). BT uses the same basic pricing model and same DRM (Windows) as most other PC-based services in this space – Amazon Unbox, for example. The NYTimes elaborates:

The BitTorrent store will work slightly differently than rival digital media offerings like the iTunes Store of Apple and the Xbox Live service of Microsoft. BitTorrent will commingle free downloads of users’ own video uploads with sales of professional fare. And while it will sell digital copies of shows like “24â€? and “Bonesâ€? for $1.99 an episode, it will only rent movies. Once the films are on the PC, they expire within 30 days of their purchase or 24 hours after the buyer begins to watch them.

(via PVRWire)

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  1. Snooz.

    I’m gonna go somewhere else more reputable for the legit stuff and keep bittorrent for the illegit stuff.

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