Solved: Mystery Of Missing Mac TTG DVD Theme

Roxio’s Mac TiVoToGo shipped last week… without the promised custom TiVo DVD menu theme. I pinged both TiVo and Roxio last week, but it took a little time to hear back with all the ongoing CES and Macworld nuttiness:

Toast 8 ships worldwide with a single multi-lingual build and the menu styles are several MB per style. Since the TiVo features are primarily US-oriented, we felt is was best to keep this style out of the bundle to keep the size as small as possible for anyone who purchases the download version.

Here’s the information on how to download and where to put the style:

We have some other menu styles that we’ll be posting as well for free download. When we do, we’ll also be revising this one to offer more of an installer that puts the style in the proper place automatically.

Thank you (and your readers) for your patience!

By the way, I took a gander at the download… The file is actually a PSD, which I opened without problem in Photoshop. As in: How creative are you?

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  1. Very cool… simple download… just drop the PSD into a folder in Application Support and it’s working great.

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