PalmOS Slingplayer Gets Official

700p-slingplayer.jpgA few months ago I pealed a sticker off a Slingbox Tuner and discovered a Palm logo. In short order Sling Media confirmed to me that a Palm client was in the works, but they weren’t prepared to commit to a time frame.

As CES is the place for cool announcements, Sling has the product on hand (and I’ll try to get some pics). They’re shooting for a publicly-available beta within a month and a ship date within Q1. I originally speculated the player might be Java-based given a Sling job opening, but the placeshifting software is standard Palm OS PRC. Sling Media hasn’t announced pricing information, but I think it’s safe to assume the cost will be comparable to the $30 Windows Mobile placeshifting client.

While I had Director of PR Brian Jaquet on the line last week, I tried to corner him on the possibility of a Blackberry client… He wouldn’t comment other than to say they are quite aware of consumer interest in such a product.

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  1. OK, I’m officially going to get a Slingbox… Though I’m tempted to wait to see if there is a Pro w/ Catcher model coming. I’d be happy to beta test things for Sling. :-)

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