Deal of the Day: Half Price Harmony 880

Amazon has the Harmony 880 on sale for $155.49 plus a $30 rebate good through 1/29. The 880 retails for $250. Instead of macros, Harmony remotes group related functions into activities. For example: Hit ‘Play DVD’ and Harmony will turn on the TV, set it to the proper input, and power up the DVD player. The 880 has a color screen and internal rechargeable battery with docking cradle. As with all Harmony remotes, the 880 has access to a huge database of devices — before we moved, we had 6xx models controlling our Lutron lights and projector, in addition to the standard stuff. I currently use the 880 in the den to operate my TiVo Series3 and Xbox 360. Download network icons at Squareworld to setup soft keys for your favorite channels.

Amazon also has the lower end Harmony 550 on sale for $85.49 plus a $10 rebate also good through 1/29. I previously owned a 520 and was generally pleased, though I found the keys a bit mushy. I’m willing to give the newer model a try in the bedroom and have placed my order… I’ve been reviewing ITVN which is a pretty interesting service, but comes with possibly the worst remote ever and I just can’t take it anymore.

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  1. RF (and Z-Wave) is the big difference. They market it as a whole home remote, since you won’t need line of site. The price premium over the 880 is steep ($100) though.

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