Mac & TiVo Fanboys Share Some Kool-Aid


PVRBlog: Here’s the rumor: Apple will be licensing TiVo patented technology for iTV. Last summer TiVo was hiring Mac programmers, but I figured that was just for TiVo Desktop support. People won’t pay a couple hundred bucks just to have a device that plays iTunes Store purchases on their TV — it has to do other stuff, but will it be TiVo recording TV for you? I’d wager it’s got about a 25% chance of being true but hey, I’d love to be wrong on it and see what launches next month at Macworld SF.

Davis Freeberg: While this is only in phase one rumor status right now, it certainly would make a lot of sense and could benefit both companies. If this rumor does turn out to be true, it would certainly create a lot of buzz for the product. Few brands carry as dedicated a fanbase as Apple or TiVo and by combining their technologies, it would undoubtably create an internet superpower when it came to the coverage. While we’ll likely need to wait until Macworld to find out if there is any truth behind this, if it turns out to be true, it would certainly represent a key breakthrough for TiVo and would create a compelling reason for people to use their standalone DMR product over the generic cable boxes.

TiVo Community: This could make some sense though. I have said all along that Apple has no desire to be in the DVR business as they would rather open up more business for the iTunes download business model with the iTV. So why not just contract to someone with obvious expertise in DVRs to add that function and let the Apple developers stick to their core competence as well, which includes making and selling the hardware.

Dave: Hahahohohoheheha. No. Not gonna happen. 0% chance Apple’s iTV sports a TiVo interface. In the unlikely scenario of iTV venturing into DVR functionality, it’s entirely possible Apple would license various TiVo time shifting related patents to avoid the mess Echostar finds themselves in. But no TiVo interface. Never. At this point, Apple does not need higher profile technology partners… why dilute their own brand?

5 thoughts on “Mac & TiVo Fanboys Share Some Kool-Aid”

  1. That explains it! That is the only logical explanation as to why Tivo hasn’t released TTG for the Mac!

  2. I’m with Dave.

    I can see Apple licensing patent rights if they’re doing anything in the DVR space, but I just don’t see them licensing the full software.

  3. Yeah, it WOULD be a great explanation of why we still don’t have a modern TiVo Desktop for the Mac. Compare how long it’s taken TiVo with how much effort it took Jeremy to figure it out on his own…

    What if Apple just licensed the multi-room viewing portion? Wouldn’t that increase sales of both devices? The iTV would need somewhere to store the shows, though.

  4. Where did you get that cool Kool-Aid icon? I am going to be launching a website for a product come next year and wanted to create a fictional like character for the site. I’d love to find out who designed it or where it came from. Thanks.

  5. Jeff: I’m embarrassed to say this particular pic was lifted from Google Images. ZNF has a very small budget…

    Most photos here we take ourselves or are borrowed with permission from friendly sites (such as Engadget and Gizmodo). Also any graphics provided to the press are fair game (such as the little TiVo guy) and I know one or two Photoshop tricks. I also purchase images from iStockPhoto for as low as $1. Most are photos (the hotel door w/ card lock from the TiVoToGo Reverse Engineered post for example) though there is a decent amount of custom computer imagery (such as the ZNF TV in the upper left). I did contact one artist through the site to request some customization which he provided no prob (and it was an animated character, but Im not ready to reveal him).

    Depending how big your project is and what your budget is, you could contract a graphic artist either locally or over the web. Not sure what the best way to find the talent is though.

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