TiVo System Software 8.1 Priority List Available


Have a Series2 TiVo? Sign up to be first on your block to receive the 8.1 update!

Thank you for your interest in the new TiVo Fall 2006 Service Update, featuring enhanced support for recording live events, WPA network security, and improved system performance. This update is for TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorders only! DIRECTV DVRs with TiVo and TiVo Series1 DVRs are not eligible for this update. Have a TiVo Series3 Digital Media Recorder? This update is not yet available for these units.


12 thoughts on “TiVo System Software 8.1 Priority List Available”

  1. Hello … Anyone else got the v8.1 update. I signed up for it and then remembered I will be on vacation in a few days. I have this feeling I will be burned because it will want to update (or crash) and my shows will not be recorded.

  2. Vinnie,

    The TiVo will download the update during the normal daily call, then it will reboot at 2AM – unless it is recording, then it waits until it is done to reboot. Unless something totally fails during the update, which is quite rare, it won’t affect recording.


    TiVo also trickles their releases out to users early to gauge support response, any odd issues, etc. 8.1 has actually been trickling out since a few weeks ago, around the time the Open Beta kicked off. People started reporting getting the update without having signed up for the beta. They do it to see if anything was missed and to see if they start getting support calls, etc, before they really start sending it out in volume.

  3. TiVo Arrogance. They do not appreciate their customers and we have stopped appreciating them.

    We are two time TiVo customers that purchased a Series 1 in 2000 with lifetime service and again purchased a Series 2 in 2005 with lifetime service. The Series 2 box died in 13 months. TiVo said ?Sorry but you?re out of warranty. We will send you a replacement for $150. If you want it faster, give us a $300 deposit and we will ship sooner and refund the deposit when we receive your broken unit.? My wife protested and they did us a favor by only charging $80 to replace the box that was a year old and should not have broken. The ?advanced ship? was not sent a week after the initial call ? why? We called back, they ?had no idea why but they are very sorry?. The new box showed up 14 days after the initial call. Four days after installing the new unit, the hard drive died ? you have got to be kidding?.

    I called this time. Same song and dance only we were in luck this time – since it was within the 30-day warranty we only had to put down the $300 to have then send an advance ship to replace the new, um, broken, um, DOA box. I protested strongly. Told them they are not treating their customers well. Told them we were loyal customers, upset at how we?ve already been treated and that it would be reasonable to expect them to take care of this DOA replacement ASAP. They said sorry but there was nothing they could do. Pay for an advance ship or send the box back and they would then send out after they received it. By the way, this was a ?supervisor? who was offering up all of this help. I asked to speak with a manager but he informed me there was no one else to speak with ? nice.

    I seriously question the level of talent this company has in the ranks of management. They are short sighted and totally missing the big picture. Positive service experiences are what will keep a company healthy and prospering. They don?t get it. How about asking for a credit card as collateral instead of charging their customers for the privilege of responsive service? They can put a $300 credit hold on the card to get their security without looking like small minded money grubbers that you should feel good about because they are doing you a favor. Then again, they wouldn?t get the interest float on the bank account if they did that, would they? How about going above and beyond the normal (crappy) protocol after you?ve just delivered a lemon to a customer who has already expressed dissatisfaction with your company? Arrogance!

    TiVo has been struggling for a long time and I?ve been a cheerleader, singing their praises to anyone that would listen. Talented engineers, morons in every other department. My view of them has changed 180 degrees. My wife and I are done with them. We?ll use the boxes as long as they shall live since we have already forked out the dollars for lifetime service and a repair of a box that should not have broken. We will NEVER again purchase anything from TiVo and will be more than eager to share our experiences with any that will listen.

  4. I got this update on the 18th and now TTG doesn’t work very well. Transfers to my computer are now hit or miss (mostly miss). I never had a problem till this update.

  5. I have two boxes. The newer box received it over the weekend. The other box has yet to receive it.

    Has anyone had problemd with TIVO not recording The Amazing race properly? I have to set it for amazing race and the show after it (cold case i think) in order to watch the entire show.

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