The Great Playstation3 Campout

I swung by the shopping plaza across from work this AM to shoot a video of the silly folks camping out for Playstation 3 gaming consoles, which go on sale tomorrow (retail $599 & $699) — so most are half way through their ordeal. Though the worst is yet to come… Heavy rains and wind gusts up to 60mph are expected today. My man on the inside (if you look close you can see him waving from under the awning at Walmart) has filed a report:

The number two spot in line sold for $700 last night! Wooooowwaaweeewa.

I’m amazed at how many hecklers there are at odd hours of the night. There were at least 5 drive-bys throughout the night, all of which involved either horn honking or blasting loud metal music.

A real spirit of camaraderie has developed among the group. People have offered me food/drink, additional shelter in the event that my awning doesn’t adequately protect me from the threatening rainstorms, and plenty of leniency in regards to bathroom breaks.

Honestly, I think they’re all nuts and deserve pneumonia. Despite that, I limited my heckling and did offer to pick up Starbucks for my buddy.

WalMart Update: After a couple hours of pouring rain, a flood warning, and a tornado watch #1 in line couldn’t take any more and cashed out for $500. Bet he wished he took that $1k he was offered last night! My buddy moved up to #6 in line at a cost of $250 and sold his spot for $125.

Update 2: Shortly after midnight, my buddy secured the $500 20GB PS3. Whatever profit he makes on ebay can be applied towards getting the professional help he needs.

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  1. The 2 minute video was truncated to 1:30. Hopefully, I’ll have the complete clip up within an hour or so. UPDATE: It’s going to be awhile — YouTube is hosed this AM and moving at the speed of dark.

  2. In my neck of the woods (San Francisco Bay Area), PS3 campers have been assaulted by drive-by egg throwings from Xbox 360 fanboys.

    I wish people would get a grip. It’s a frickin GAME CONSOLE, not a validation of your personal self-worth.

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