Digital Media Bytes

Dave Zatz —  November 28, 2006

A periodic roundup of relevant news…

  • Beatles and Apple near exclusive iTunes deal: Fortune
  • EchoStar retrial on TiVo patents denied: Denver Post
  • Will paying for user video pay off: GigaOm
  • Xbox movie downloads timed: Gizmodo
  • Control BeyondTV with Slingbox: Fresh Arrival
  • TiVo Glo Remote available for 8,500 Reward Points: TiVo

2 responses to Digital Media Bytes

  1. The Apple/itunes link points to the new TiVo remote. Can this be corrected? I’d like to read about when I might be able to purchase Beatles music via iTunes.

  2. Got it fixed, and linked direct to the Fortune story rather than UPI’s coverage of Fortune.