Digital Media Bytes

Dave Zatz —  November 17, 2006

A periodic roundup of relevant news…

  • Sling Media partners with UK mobile provider: Sling Community
  • The story of CableLabs certification: Chris Lanier
  • Digeo-Gemstar battle continues: PVRWire
  • 1080p not “an important factor” in HDTV purchases: EngadgetHD
  • Disney sells 5 million copies of Cars in 48 hours: AppleInsider

One response to Digital Media Bytes

  1. When iTunes can charge what the TV programs are worth – 25 cents – under terms like 2 or 3 views over 5 days, they’ll see 1 billion downloads, or $250M in revenue vs. $24M.

    And they can still sell the episodes outright for what that’s worth…$.99