Dave’s Holiday Shopping Agenda


It’s that time of year again! No, not the season of giving… Rather, it’s the season of trampling your neighbors to get the best deal for yourself at the Walmarts of the world.

I’ve put together a small list of what I want, where to get it, and at what cost. The odds of my succeeding are very low due to massive competition and the fact that I’ll be driving across several states to two different locations over the next four days. My top priority, based on need and attainability, is the LCD.

Xbox 360 @ $100
66% savings

42″ Vizio Plasma HDTV @ $1000
17% savings (off already great price)

samsung.jpg19″ Samsung LCD @ $130
48% Off
Best Buy

APC UPS 350VA @ $20
50% savings

Nintendo Wii @ $250
Full Price
Nintendo Store, NYC

3 thoughts on “Dave’s Holiday Shopping Agenda”

  1. No luck here… I made sure to be at the hotel with my laptop on but the Amazon site must have been flooded with users because it stopped responding at 1:55 EST (via LAN, WiFi, and EVDO phone). I finally got through again at 2:12 and of course they were sold out. Jeremy of Live Digitally didn’t have any luck either and my buddy Tim figured the odds were so poor that he didn’t bother trying.

    Best Buy opens at 5AM tomorrow… maybe I’ll have better luck picking up that LCD and a few other things I could use.

  2. Failed at Best Buy too… Got there at 4:40AM for a 5AM opening. The line was 2-3 wide and covered the entire front and side of the building, then continued across the parking lot and around the Fridays. I don’t know how many people were there, but I assure you it was more than could fit in the store and more than than their inventory of items on sale. So we bailed along with many other just-arriving folks. Those at the back of the line certainly are optimistic — I doubt they’ll even see the inside of the store before 6AM.

    So we’re returned to the hotel and we’re going back to bed… we’ll leave the pandemonium to others.

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