Console Wars & The Ladies of eBay

Just when I thought the new console launch antics couldn’t get any more ridiculous, Alexi and I noticed women of ebay posing provocatively — presumably to boost sales. How did this come about? In an effort to limit fraudulent listings, ebay is requiring PS3 and Wii sellers to snap photos of receipts, user names, and consoles… and a few budding entrepreneurs must have recalled their Advertising 101 ‘sex sells‘ lesson. Apparently trading in your self respect doesn’t net much: According to my unscientific analysis, nudity and/or cleavage doesn’t have any discernible impact on bidding.

20 thoughts on “Console Wars & The Ladies of eBay”

  1. this is horrible, see women can do this, if i had a nude picture of me being censored by a playstation 3 it would be brought down fast, god forbid i put my dong on top of a console to boost sales

  2. That’s cause you could use that method to sell an ipod shuffle ted :D

    Though the way people have been going nuts over the ps3 I don’t think they will be paying attention to the racks, just the packs.

  3. I know why ‘ladies of the night’ don’t increase the sales… Because most nerds were not looking at the women. Most were just drooling at the PS3 or Wii.

  4. This isn’t as good as people selling reflective objects and ‘accidentally’ catching themselves in the nude taking the picture.

    I think people do that just to see what they can sneak onto eBay.

  5. Seriously, that is crazy! Hahahah.. Really, I guess I can understand in the listings people will click on the listing more likely, but this is still kinda funny. Interesting idea I guess.

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