9 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: The Empire Strikes Back”

  1. Did this just happen last night? I think you are using Time Warner, but Comcast disabled Comedy central, MTV and SciFi last night on my end. They told me they needed to have a tech come out for a third time :( I ought to be billing them $19.99 everytime they make me take off four more hours of work.

  2. sounds like they are trying to watch tv though an anlog connection while sill hooked up to the hdmi. I have this happen to me on my SA8300 box from the cable co.

  3. The JVC receiver seems to be the issue, not the Tivo Series 3.

    See this part of the CNET review:

    “Indeed, when we took the JVC receiver out of the mix, things seemed fine: we couldn’t get the gray screen to appear when using the Onkyo TX-SR674, the Belkin PureAV 3-in-1 HDMI Switch, or the Gefen 2:8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier (the only other HDMI-equipped switchers we had on hand), nor could we see it when running the TiVo directly to any of several HDTVs currently in our inventory. Likewise, returning to the JVC RX-D702B yielded the same problem. Perhaps more instructively, the newer JVC RX-D411S (which had just arrived in the CNET Labs) had the same problem when linked to the TiVo as well.”

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