Yahoo Broadcasts NFL Online (Outside North America)


It’s not cheap, but if you need pro football action outside of America (and don’t have a Slingbox stationed in the US), the NFL and Yahoo have you covered. $249 gets you live coverage of every game via the web. Even better? Works on Macs too.

Yahoo says: The National Football League and Yahoo!, Inc (Nasdaq:YHOO) today announced an agreement that will enable football fans around the world to watch live NFL games on the Internet. NFL Game Pass, powered by Yahoo! Sports, will allow football fans outside of North America to watch nearly every NFL game live and in its entirety on beginning this Sunday. The agreement marks the first time the NFL has made a full season of games available to fans via the Web. The new online subscription service will charge fans a fee of $24.99 per week or $249.99 for the entire 17-week NFL regular season, and each game will also be available in archived format up to 24 hours after its conclusion. “We are pleased to offer NFL fans around the world an innovative way to watch NFL games. The NFL is committed to taking advantage of new technologies to bring more value to our fans everywhere and Yahoo!’s proven leadership in technology makes them an ideal partner for a product like ‘Game Pass’,” said Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s vice president of media strategy.

7 thoughts on “Yahoo Broadcasts NFL Online (Outside North America)”

  1. The side-by-side comparison where it took you 30 minutes to log into PocketIE and another ten minutes each time you tried to change a channel? Does your Orb allow you to control your DVR to schedule recordings or pause live TV? By the way, I’m running SlingPlayer Mobile 1.1 these days which is much improved over v1.0. Check it out if you’re not frightened. ;)

  2. Today’s Score:
    Dave, 1
    Alexi, 0

    Alexi’s home computer is off — can’t do much place shifting without something broadcasting, can you Chump?

    By the way I think we both agree the US Open looks very nice now on my SlingPlayer at close to 30fps and ~350Kbps.

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