6 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: My Lifetime or Yours?”

  1. OK so using my 2nd grade math skills that means you spend $1000 for a liftime Series3, provided you already have a lifetime Series1 or Series2.

    I wonder if this is a way for TiVo to prevent the early adopters (the ones who actually will pay $800 for the Series3) to not sell their lifetimed Series2s on eBay.

  2. So, to confirm, I can’t use this dual-tuner S3 fed by two satellite receivers?

    I have to life’d S1’s gathering dust…

  3. John – correct, the S3 only works with cable or antenna.

    However, you could sell those S1s on eBay. Or, if you have the money to front, buy a couple of S3s, transfer the lifetime, then resell them as lifetime S3s on eBay.

  4. For now, they’ll just sit. Both are SVR-2000’s, both have upgraded drives and ethernet cards. eBay doesn’t show a great demand for ’em, so they’ll likely continue to sit (I currently abuse my 360hr DTivo and 140hr RS-TX20).

    One day, no doubt, they’ll be logging security footage at my palatial estate.

  5. To respond to Robert Atchison:

    I have a S2 lifetime. Before TiVo’s announcement, if I had bought a Series 3, I would have kept the S2 running simply to get the multi-unit discount. My S2 would not have found its way to eBay.

    I still don’t know if this deal is worth it. I kept my S2 running long past its nominal failure date because I was able to swap the drive in the unit for a fresh hard drive (and get more space in the process).

    Expansion for S3 seems to be with external SATA, so there may not be an easy way to hack the unit and repair/replace the stock drive. So I might be transferring my Lifetime to a machine that could die in two years, and pull one more lifetime subscription off TiVo’s books.

    Alternatively, I could sell my S2 on eBay right now, get out of TiVo altogether and go for the cable company DVR. The cable company doesn’t want $800 up front for their DVR box.

  6. In fairness to TiVo they’ve said from the beginning that the lifetime subscription covered the lifetime of the unit, not the customer. So this basically allows you to transfer what was up until now untransferrable.

    Still kind of hurts, especially with the Series 3 being $800…

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