New Slingbox Uncovered

new-sling1.jpgTG Daily, by way of the FCC, has discovered there’s a new Slingbox in the works. They report the major difference between the old box and new is the addition of AV support. While the connectors are different, the current Slingbox does indeed support composite signals via unique (included) 3-1 cables. The new unit appears to sport a refreshed design: smaller and sleeker without that cheesy writing on top. Sadly, the manual doesn’t seem to indicate support for WiFi. No word on availability or pricing…

4 thoughts on “New Slingbox Uncovered”

  1. TG Daily seem to be a bit confused. The Slingbox has never recorded anything, it’s always streamed. The primary inputs were always A/V connectors. The primary difference is the ELIMINATION of a seperate RF input and internal cable/antenna turner.

  2. I will be more interested when you can sling content from one box to another for remote viewing on another TV in the same household. I’m using cheap-o Radio Shack wireless devices to do this today, but would rather have something that runs over my network and doesn’t go crazy when I use the microwave!

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