Mysterious TiVo Origins Film

Dave Zatz —  September 2, 2006

YouTubed for your convenience…

(Thanks Peter W!)

9 responses to Mysterious TiVo Origins Film

  1. At first I wasn’t sure, but after watching it a couple of times, I think that this was an employee training video and not a PR stunt. It’s so funny when he says that some people think there will be consumer uses like it’s no big deal and then he gets real excited about the killer robots. It makes me wonder what if there is any truth behind the rumored TiVo 9000.

  2. Davis, I don’t know why or how it was originally produced, but it is now definitely meant for public consumption. There’s no way it ended up on the web by accident.

  3. It’s pretty amusing, you can tell it was made fairly recently because of the references to HMF.

  4. Is there a “view my home movies” option on the tivo HMO?

  5. PUNISHABLE BY LAW what a fake piece of sh*t, i mean what abscense of life can a person posess in order to make this exquisit piece of crap

  6. dude come on , are they copying the DARMA tape on Lost series ?

  7. This is all true. I have been out to the desert and I have seen these TIVO things with my own eyes. Ones that can ZAP commercials without having to “no so fast” forward, but the government and the tv industry doesn’t want you to have them. Thank heavens for youtube. The truth shall set you free!

  8. Notice the link to
    See if you can see it..

  9. (not tivo safe) This appears recent enough since it mimics the training films found in the TV show Lost as well as cheezy documentary alien footage. Where is part 2???