TiVo.com Updated With Series3 Info

Dave Zatz —  August 23, 2006

Join TiVo’s Series3 mailing list and check out their CableCARD FAQ!

TiVo says: Combine the best of both worlds: the Emmy® award-winning TiVo® service with high-definition television for the ultimate home theater experience. Experience HD digital cable like never before.

5 responses to TiVo.com Updated With Series3 Info

  1. here we go… i say we’re 30 days out… I CANT WAIT.

  2. About freaking time!!!
    FYI, Charter here charges $1.50/month for a cable card..
    Now, please let the price be in the sweet spot (less than $600)!!

  3. BRING…..IT……ON!!!!!!!!

  4. I will happily be recording the Fall TV series on my Series 2 DT ;)
    I am excited about the series 3 but have avoided the UMF on HD content so far. The Christmas after this I bet I can buy a full featured HDTV for under $1,000 and a Series 3 for under $500. That will be my time to get all excited about HD.