TiVo Versus EchoStar: Turning The Screws

I assume you recall that TiVo went to court, spanked EchoStar, traded press release posturing, and then… nothing. A bench trial was held at the end of June, but the judge has yet to rule on treble damages or TiVo’s request for a permanent injunction. In the meantime, EchoStar appears to be manipulating the system by dragging the case out (including not providing court ordered documents) — TiVo called them on it last week in two letters to the court:

Delay is a benefit to EchoStar and a harm to TiVo. Every day without an injunction allows EchoStar to continue to expand its market share based on products found to infringe TiVo’s patent. TiVo respectfully submits that the Court can and should rule upon TiVo’s pending motions without waiting upon EchoStar’s prematurely-filed post-judgment motions.


2 thoughts on “TiVo Versus EchoStar: Turning The Screws”

  1. I would ask, “anybody want to buy some Dish DVRs?” but the last time I took them up on an upgrade to their best HD two receiver DVR, they took my personnaly owned receivers, and started leasing me the new ones. So I don’t actually own the DVRs that are about to fail.

  2. Does this effect all DVRs used by Dish or are they limited to specific makes or models?

    I also just moved and upgraded to an HD DVR and would very much like to avoid any problems with this.

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