Add Channel Logos To Your Harmony 880

harmony-icons.jpgI trust several savvy readers cashed in on those recent Harmony 880 remote deals… So here’s a nifty feature you may not have picked up on — the on-remote television listings feature has been replaced by icons of channels you frequently access. For some this might not be such a big deal, but I find it more much convenient than remembering 103-11 is ABC (or is it CBS?) and keying it into my LG HD tuner.

Download a large set of logo image files from Squareworld and customize your remote using Logitech’s web configuration tool (use IE, Firefox isn’t working lately): User Options page, Favorite Channels button. If you’re creative (or bored), you also have the ability to create a custom slideshow or change your theme.

By default, clicking the 880’s Media button will bring your favorites up.

7 thoughts on “Add Channel Logos To Your Harmony 880”

  1. However, it is the world’s longest wait to have the remote press the corresponding keys. 5,-,1,enter takes the remote nearly 8-10 seconds, which is a loooong time. I can’t imagine waiting for 1,0,3,-,1,1,enter.

  2. after 5 minutes of looking I found it. Go to activites/ Watch TV and go into settings. Look in the list here ‘set up favorites list and add icons’.

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